Types of Horses

Similar to other species of animals, horses also have their own breeds and types. Not all of them are appropriate for racing because some of these animals do not have the built that can competitively run against other breeds.

Currently, there are over one hundred breeds of horses around the world. These types are then being grouped according to similar characteristics, appearances and uses. One of the types of horses is the light horse.

Breeds that are under the light horse category are those that are used for recreational and performance activities. They are swift and their weight is generally light compared to other breeds. These include the Arabian Horse, Thoroughbred Horse and the American Quarter Horse. Draft Horses are other types of horses that are generally used for war and for work in fields and plantations. Draft horses are very muscular and they are very good jumpers as well.

The Clydesdale Horse is the most popular example of a draft horse. The Pony is another very popular type of horse because they are smaller in terms of height. But ponies are among the most versatile types of horses and they are used extensively in farms, rural areas and mines for transport of children and luggage as well.