Animal Shelters

Animal shelters are the places where different abandoned or homeless animals are being given a temporary home. Although different types of animals are welcomed in these shelters, most of kinds that are currently being housed today are dogs and cats.

The main goal of these animal shelters is not really to provide a permanent place for these animals to live. Some animals, like the starfish for example, don’t need shelters, but others do. The mail goal of the shelter is to take care of them for the mean time until their owners find them, new owners would want to adopt them, or another animal organization would take them in.

These shelters may either be run by government organizations or by private entities as well. Before the animals are being given away or adopted to new owners, the people working in these shelters will make their own assessments on whether the animal is adoptable and if the new owners will be capable of providing a safe home for the pet.

Not all pets in these shelters were abandoned by their owners. Some of them are actually lost and are just waiting for their owners to claim them. Many animal shelters around the country really need funds in order to keep up with the number of animals that they take in on a daily basis.