Facts about Horses

Horses are among the most commonly used animals by humans in terms of entertainment and labor. With over 70 million of horses around the world and over 100 known breeds, these animals are really interesting. Note that not all types of horses can be tamed, for example zebras prefer a wild, free lifestyle.

But even with the horse’s frequent interaction with humans, there are still a lot of people that do not know essential facts about horses. These animals actually have very strong muscles and they can be developed even before they are born. In fact, horses can actually walk and run a few hours after birth unlike humans.

But aside from their strong legs and impressive running skills, horses also have very unique eyes. They are called Equine eyes and they are considered the largest eyes among land mammals. Their eyes are situated in each side of their heads which gives them excellent peripheral vision. Each breed of these mammals has a different characteristic that sets it apart from other breeds.

Generally speaking, a stallion is the term given to a male horse while the term mare is given to a female horse. In terms of diet, these animals are considered herbivores because they eat plants especially grass. Different breeds can reach varying speeds but most horses run at an average speed of 27 mph.